Thursday, August 9, 2007

I grew up in Manassas, VA (which is in Prince William county). Today an article was posted in a forum I watch.

It's more or less about, oh horror of horrors, white people not being the majority in 1 out of 10 counties of the US. Featured in the article, as you may have guessed (or read by the time you get to this sentence) is the place where I grew up.
Have some copy pasta:

"Prince William County has seen its Hispanic population more than double since 2000, to nearly 70,000 last year. Non-Hispanic whites account for a little more than half the population, down from about two-thirds in 2000.

Greg Letiecq recently helped form a group to fight illegal immigration in northern Virginia, called Help Save Manassas.

That's right, "Help Save Manassas." Help save ("Non-Hispanic") white Manassas from the God Damned Latinos. "Help Save Manassas (HSM)," run by a man who's featured in the Washington Post with a picture atop the caption "Greg Letiecq has targeted Democrats, illegal immigrants, gays and others."
"Help Save Manassas," which is a member of the larger state-wide racist xenophobia organization "Help Save Virginia."

Letiecq's blog is here, although I'd strongly recommend that you grab a vomit bucket or something before clicking the link. As I post this, his most recent entry (titled "NOT THIS DIVERSITY") is as follows:

Does this sound at all familiar? An illegal alien has apparently charged with two felonies for taking nude pictures of his thirteen year old “girlfriend”.

From Bearing Drift:

According to this Virginian-Pilot story, 19-year old Carlos Ramos of Chesapeake was arrested when film he was getting developed had nude photos of a 13-year old girl, whom he said was his girlfriend. Police discovered he was in the country illegally.

This isn’t a case of illegal aliens doing to job no Americans want to do. This is illegal aliens victimizing children in a way no American would tolerate. From the 15 year old girl in Manassas Park that I reported on earlier, to the fourteen year old missing girl who was recovered in the bedroom of an illegal alien in Woodbridge, this epidemic of child abuse at the hands of illegal aliens has got to stop.

Clearly, if they don't watch out, Latino men "illegal immigrants" are going to rape, kidnap, and kill all the poor little white girls. Because that's just how Latino men "illegal immigrants" are. LOOK OUT, CRACKERS!

Letiecq and HSM are champions of such notable causes as telling the Human Rights Commission to get the fuck out of Manassas because "illegal immigrants," like, obviously don't deserve to have access to any of the services that people like Letiecq should be able to take for granted exclusively (as seen on their website). Which they can at the moment.

Now why should anyone be surprised that a mini-Minute-Men is popping up in Manassas? It's no secret that Virginia doesn't have a very good record when it comes to enacting policies and electing officials which aren't racist, xenophobic piles of shit.

If you feel like doing something about what's going on in Virginia, one thing you could do might be to help support groups like Mexicanos Sin Fronteras (Mexicans Without Borders), The Virginia Justice Center for Farm and Immigrant Workers or the Virginia Organizing Project, for example.