Thursday, March 13, 2008

Earlier this month, Prince William County began enforcing a law, which was approved by the all-white Prince William County Board of Supervisors in October 2007, that codifies racial profiling of Latinos as being not only legally acceptable, but encouraged, as officers are directed to "investigate the citizenship status of people who are detained for breaking the law if officers have probable cause to believe they are violating federal immigration policy." Additionally, people suspected of being undocumented will be denied county services under the new policy.

Of course, you can guess how officers are going to determine "probable cause."
As Brownfemipower said, "this is not about legal versus illegal. This is about rolling R’s and brown skin and age old hate."

The police department says that "officers have been trained to investigate only suspected criminals" and "are strictly prohibited from racial profiling while enforcing the new law."
I'm curious as to when the phrase "suspected criminals" began including violators of traffic laws, who the Chief of Police, Charlie Deane, says "will be screened if the officer has probable cause to believe the suspect is in the country illegally." Again, I wonder what he means by "probable cause?"

Since the policy started being enforced, over six-hundred-bilingual students have dropped out of school. Many Latino immigrants "feel they are being forced to walk away from their homes because they cannot risk waiting until they sell. Families have been separated as fathers and mothers have been detained leaving citizen children behind to be cared for by family members or friends." The enforcement of the racist law "calls for spending $6.4 million next year and $26 million over the next five years." That is (and probably falls far short of) how much white people in Prince William value their hate.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sanesha Stewart was stabbed to death this Saturday.

Of course the media coverage is fantastic.

Oh wait. Wait no it's not. Actually it's fucking horrible.

I mean why wouldn't it be? She's a young trans sex worker of color (or alleged sex worker, since it's entirely possible that they're just assuming she's a sex worker because she's trans, of color, and the first article states "neighbors said they didn't know if Stewart was turning tricks but they had noticed frequent male visitors to her home" and, edit for a more recent article, one of her neighbors "denied Stewart was a prostitute").

So naturally it's her fault; after all, she was a "man who dressed like a woman" who "was known to wear stylish, provocative outfits with towering high heels," "was a ... flirty presence," and "had surgery to 'give him [sic] larger breasts and other female characteristics'" even though "it was clear Stewart was still a man." I mean she was just asking for it, amirite?

I mean "the suspect was apparently surprised by the victim's true sex" so it's perfectly acceptable to expect that he would respond the appropriate way and stab her to death in a fit of rage.

Edit: He knew her for months. In all likelihood, he knew she was trans and was hoping to get off using the tranny panic defense anyway. Just because he could.