Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Blackface by college students found on Facebook again.

Smith, who did not respond to a [] e-mail sent to her school address, apologized for the images in several recent Facebook postings. "We were just playin n the mud and it got out of hand. I promise i'm not racist. i have just as many black friends as i do white. And i love them to death," she wrote. She added in a later message that her friends "were drinking" and things "got a lil out of hand."

It's almost hard to believe she's not trolling. Trolling the real world.
I mean honestly, who is that fucking stupid?

The last paragraph of the article and the comments section in the first link are full of additional whatthefuckery.

Also, dropping a piece of cake is a good reason to assault someone and expel her from school.

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